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Raptor Valley

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A friend of my wife gave this wonderful gift to her son from a trip to Italy this year.

“This mask belongs to the series of the captains. Sometimes impersonated a soldier of noble sentiments and whimsical or boastful braggart who boasted of securities not owned enterprises and never carried out: in both cases malcelava actually terrified of having to face a battle or a duel. With the Spanish domination of Italy and after the descent of Charles V, the captain took on more and more like the Spanish soldier, acquiring diction and idioms purely Iberian. The dress reminiscent of the uniforms of Spanish soldiers at the time, but enriched by ribbons and very colorful.”


French Doll

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Christmas Eve I like to reflect on family and friends I miss dearly. My dad brought this doll home from Paris after WWII for our Mom, in my sisters collection. My sister also found this curious photograph (circa 1915) of dad with the grandfather we never knew and a cat.

Untitled-1dadand Gdad1915 b fix

floodwallPanorama 3b


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`et in terra pax hominibus, bonae voluntatis”

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`et in terra pax hominibus, bonae voluntatis”

It is a quote, in Latin, from the Bible, where it says, in English: “and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

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Below are two Mira photographs…….

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the Photographer

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I love being able to photograph other photographers I like and was hoping to be photographed by Heather Addley. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the picture. I flubbed most of mine today, I’ve been having problems adjusting to new Rx glasses. I’ve got some incredible footage of a dancer that I’ve never seen shimmy beyond any I have seen before and didn’t even break a sweat. A couple of photos of Shahrzad below and video pending.


DSC_0576edit33 c


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UPDATE June 2014 : Re : Copyright infringement

The film I did “Shahrzad, Balliceaux RVA, Bellydance Brunch Cabaret” is constantly being stolen, butchered, and miss-labeled. I’m usually busy creating and was unaware of how many YouTube sites are devoted to profiting off original owners works. I’m currently putting a stop to this and am at 11 Copyright infringement’s and counting. Thanks to these Weasels my video is appearing stolen on “tune.pk”,”daily motion”, “Sathy New Zealand”and probably other sites.

DO NOT HARASS me! these copyright infringements are final!


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Heather Addley photograph copyright 2012 b
photograph : Heather Addley

Santa knows when you’ve been nice! These women are sweethearts along with very talented and I have been privileged to be able to photograph. Here is some dance history for those that are clueless :

Belly dance has only been called “belly dance” in the last century and it was coined by western culture to entice people to go see it. (This was when seeing a woman’s ankle or elbow was considered extreme.) Belly dance is known by different names depending which culture it is in (Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese etc) such as Raqs Baladi, Raqs Sharki, Oriental etc.

When it comes to costuming, the outfits you’re thinking of are the cabaret-style costumes introduced by Hollywood only in the last 50 years or so. Traditional dancing costumes would cover from ankle to neck and was usually long sleeved. There would be layers and something to tighten them up at the hips. Many middle-eastern dancers will now wear cabaret-style costuming but it is usually only in more touristy areas and it is generally not looked upon favorably by the locals.

Dancing in the middle east is not considered ‘sinful’ in the context you are presenting it, dancing (again women together separate from men together) was a celebration, not something to be ashamed of. Dancing being sinful is an invention of the puritans pertaining to Christian religions in the last couple hundred years.

More info here : http://khalimadance.com/

Paradise Farm, Henrico County, Virginia

ParadiseFarm pano 3b

Paradise Farm (circa 1830)

Paradise has played an important role in the history of Henrico County. The house was built in 1830 by a builder named William Bosher. Thomas and Susannah Patterson bought the house in 1833. The house was named Paradise after the Paradise trees which were numerous on the farm at that time. Their eldest son, Dr. Richard Archibald Patterson, was a surgeon during the Civil War and a tobacco entrepreneur. Patterson Avenue was cut through the farm and named after Dr. Richard Patterson. The home remained in the Patterson family until the late 19th century.

The original farm is thought to have bordered Cheswick Plantation to the north and Ravenswood Plantation to the south. Its eastern boundaries are thought to have extended from what is now the University of Richmond to Forest Avenue.

DSC_0314 edit b

ParadiseFarmpano edit b

ParadiseFarmpano 22b

paradisefarmPanorama 3b


paradisefarmPanorama 2b

paradisefarmPanorama 1b

The photographs above were taken 12/12/12, this morning and today below.

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3panoedit 222b


PF pano edit 00 b

11panoedit 2b

pf Panorama 5b

Xmas present, Classy light tour

DSC_0751 theBalls med

BigK and wife. There is one house in town that I missed last year that isn’t on the tacky light tour official list that I’m only interested in shooting this year.

DSC_0277 finale b

DSC_0289 edit 22b


Xmas past, tacky light tour RVA

xmas past, tacky light tour RVA b

Shug Fontaine

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